№243 "Palomar-Leiden" exclusive women's crocodile python jacket.

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Unique women's genuine crocodile python lambskin leather jacket "Palomar-Leiden" 
Available. Size SM. Price $2800
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Friends, clothes shape mood and behavior. For example, when a person puts on a vampire costume, he immediately begins to act like a vampire without hesitation. Wave your cloak, show your fangs, hiss and try to bite your neck. If you dress a woman in BDSM, give her a whip, whoever she is, will begin to behave according to the image, at least for a short time. Thus, a person tries on an image, right? I think that the wardrobe should contain not just clothes, but images in accordance with the mood and life situation. I create women's cyberpunk jackets, I want to offer you this look, and here's why. These are not easy times, you need a cold calculation and turning off emotions, cyberpunk will help to raise the right mood in you. Let it look like a game at first, your thought and the impression of contemplating people will create the necessary vibrations. Over time, the line between fantasy and reality disappears, and your heart will get used to the image of cyberpunk. This is how clothing-appearance influences personality. Another example, if you are dressed as a king, you will get the appropriate attitude of others and begin to behave like a king. If you dress you like a beggar in rags, you will receive a sea of ​​charity from people, these emotions will program you for misfortune. Clothing matters a lot in life, don't you agree? In my understanding, "Punk" is a way of life, a way of thinking, or rather its absence. This is a person who is focused only on today's experiences, he is here and now. He should be as good as possible this minute, tomorrow does not exist. Chains of morality, culture, public opinion are absent, there is only I and TODAY. Punk is complete freedom and emancipation, just the way you want. He is dangerous, not predictable, sincere, not restrained. Punk is a protest, ignorance of the environment, a cry into the void, a short celebration of life. The leather jacket is fitted, fits perfectly in order to preserve femininity and sexuality. The cyberpunk woman is modern, unexpected, fantastic, in the spotlight. The sophisticated design of the jacket instantly contrasts with the images of the people around and devalues ​​them. Cyberpunk style is a fire that silently burns out the consciousness of pale contemplates. A woman dressed in cyberpunk style is a hero, time pilot, the center of the planet, leader, power, she is I and OM, alpha and omega. Cyberpunk is an altered state of consciousness that is not sensitive to the problems of today, in principle, an insane cure for an insane world.