Куртки примеры

                Друзья, на  этой странице выставлены работы,которых нет в продаже.  Можно заказать аналогичные изделия,но точный повтор невозможен. На этой страничке видно что мы умеем. Отпустите вашу фантазию, наши изделия лишь прелюдия на бесконечном пути к совершенному.
№249 Женская демисезонная куртка из кожи и меха ламы.
Exclusive genuine lama fur and leather jacket.
Made to order
Эксклюзивная женская куртка из меха ламы и кожи. Куртка с вышивкой от Софали.

№81 Куртка "Passion"с розовым питоном

  Elegant leather jacket in pink python and nappa leather "Passion"
№61 Alligator skin jacket "Dictator"
Feminine exclusive women's model jacket made of genuine leather of a crocodile (alligator) and black suede "Dictator"! exclusive handmade accessories inlaid with Swarovski crystals. There are no people indifferent to this product. Judge for yourself!:)                                       
№156 Умопомрачительная кожаная куртка для девушки "Orion"
Red-black women's jacket made of genuine leather with a detachable collar "Orion"


 Genuine leather jacket for women - "Mizar". Exclusive, handmade.
№96 Куртка из замши с цветами "Esse"
Women's jacket made of genuine leather and suede.
№83 Suit leather "Wild" for women
Exclusive leather jacket "Wild" "shabby chic"
exclusive handmade jacket fitted, with lace.Genuine leather clothes for women girls.exclusive handmade jacket fitted, with lace.Genuine leather clothes for women girls.

№170 Women's black genuine leather handmade jacket- "Prominences of time"

Jacket - "Prominences of the time", made of black suede with leather details

№44 ladies jacket "Tiger's eye"
 The fitted jacket made of genuine leather "Tiger Eye" with a fur collar for demanding ladies. The tiger eye is embroidered with a natural stone! "PR" ...
№162 Роскошный женский костюм юбочный из натуральной кожи "Beatrice"
Women's suit from genuine leather with lace, flared sleeves "Beatrice"

№45 Womens jacket crocodile leather "Tyss"

Elegant lightweight women's jacket made of soft genuine leather of a real crocodile and original leather print "Tyss"! Ideal workmanship, affordable price of a product of this class! An attractive, expressive thing ...
№102 Куртка женская из кожи розового питона "Agneta"
Our favorite product made of genuine leather, Jacket made of genuine python leather - "Agneta"!

№163 Стильный женский кожаный панк жакет "UES-73"
Women's leather jacket UES-73! Size 42.
№92 Unique women genuine leather jacket yellow black color- "Carnelian"
Genuine leather jacket for women with voluminous colors - "Spring". The author's work is made in a single copy!
№176 Exclusive women's genuine leather jacket laterally lacing, short sleeves- "Balestre".
Leather jacket women's vest, sleeves 3/4 "Balestre"

№7 Lux куртка кожаная "Amore Psihea"
№84 Boa exclusive leather jacket
Stylish leather jacket with brocade and feather collar. The jacket is embroidered with exclusive fittings.
№157 Короткий жакет из натуральной кожи и кожи-принт "Acrucs"
Original, exclusive women's jacket - "Acrucs", made of genuine leather!

№138 Эксклюзивная женская куртка из кожи крокодила, питона, игуаны "Эола"
  Jacket made of genuine python, iguana and crocodile leather with embroidery "Eola"
№130А Куртка "Предвосхищение"
Genuine women's leather jacket exclusive - "anticipation". Work of the fashion designer Sofalee. Made in a single copy.
№202 womens jacket The best genuine leather-"Z-US-7" alien style fantastic color black red exclusive handmade by Sofalee!

№13 Chic womens real leather jacket gray black color, lace-"Arma"
Women's jacket from genuine leather - "Armagh". 
№92 Unique women genuine leather jacket yellow black color- "Carnelian"
Women's jacket made of genuine leather exclusive handmade.
Костюм женский Жакет-жилетка и Брюки
Women's costume made of genuine delicate leather. Jacket with weaving, lacing, perforation.

Women's jacket made of genuine leather exclusive handmade.
Women's leather jacket with a hood genuine leather.

№131 Черное кожаное платье с корсетом
Women's black dress with perforation made of genuine leather with an additional corset accessory.

http://www.sofalee.com/leather-jackets/no148-modnaa-molodeznaa-kurtka-iz-kozi-dla-devuski-pandoraGenuine women's jacket exclusive "Pandora". Jacket with a backpack.
№11 Куртка из кожи с перчатками"Priest"

№68Embroidered leather jacket womens "Sivil"
Genuine leather women's jacket "Sivil".

куртка женская кожанаяWomen's jacket made of genuine leather crocodile python sheepskin exclusive.
http://www.sofalee.com/leather-jackets/no82-denim-hand-made-jacketdenim jacket with leather embroidery. genuine fox fur collar
№85 Жакет из черной норки и кожи
Mink short short fur coat-vest for girls. Sleeves come unfastened. On the sides the lacing adjusts the size.

№35 Кожаная женская куртка "Lakrimosa"
Women's exclusive leather jacket "Lackrimosa". Excellent quality raw materials, original design solution.
№32 women leather jacket "Karakul"Karakul jacket  for women genuine leather exclusive handmade online store quality assurance by fashion designer Sofalee
№40 Exclusive leather jacket womens"Ruf"
Women's sophisticated exclusive Ruth leather jacket with gloves. made in the main style presented by the studio "PR". The best work of fashion designer Sofalee, for expressive individuals with a bright nature.

куртки женские кожаные с капюшономWomen's jacket from genuine leather  for women genuine leather exclusive handmade online store quality assurance by fashion designer Sofalee  !!!
№126А Куртка кожаная женская-"Мо"
Women's jacket, genuine leather, exclusive handmade.
№156 A stunning leather jacket for women genuine leather sheepskin exclusive handmade by Sofalee- "Orion"
Leather jacket black and white for women.

Лепустина Лариса БанифацевнаUnique collectible leather jacket.
Women's leather jacket fitted short with lace embossed "Dead water".
№97 Стильная женская куртка из питона "Emerald tear"
Jacket made of natural python with embroidered flowers. Size 42.

№127 "Астрид" женская кожаная короткая куртка.
Jacket made of sheepskin python crocodile leather with leather print "Astra"! 
Exclusive jacket with flowers for ladies
Exclusive jacket with flowers for ladies
Exclusive leather jacket with appliqué flowers
Jacket from fur mink and leather
Jacket from fur mink and leather
Jacket made of black mink and reaper leather.

№3 Яркая кожаная куртка"Butterfly"jacket for women genuine leather exclusive handmade
Leather women's jacket from Sofalee "Coil"
№2 Модная куртка-жилет из кожи "Heart for"
Leather jacket-vest "Heart for Sofalee" Sleeves three quarters, lace trim, long mitts included.

№70 Genuine leather costume "Stitch"
Exclusive leather women's suit "Stych" -bolero with lacing on the sides, a corsage under the chest with buckles and lacing at the back, two pairs of long and short bracers, a waist bag, Roman shoes, a belt.
№5 Замшевая куртка"Dualitatem"
Suede and genuine leather collectible jacket for women exclusive "Dualitatem"!
№39 "Romania 14th century" jacket leather womensThe legendary women's jacket "Romania 14th century" is made of genuine leather. The dominant technique of manual embossing, embroidery with rhinestones, beads, glass beads. Accessories exclusive "dragon claws." You can order only in the studio "PR"! Sales. It is possible to manufacture an analog to your size on request.

Leather is a natural material from skins. Skins are identical or identical, which makes the work of clothing masters a very complex and time-consuming process. In addition to its own genetic heritage, each skin has small cuts, scars, abrasions and insect bites that mark the animal throughout its life. These natural features are not defects and are considered “signs of difference” on the skin. Skins are not uniformly elastic, like rubber; it has certain areas with different elasticity and resilience properties. For example, the abdomen will be more resilient and softer than the region of the slice and ridge, the density of which can be quite high. In addition to this feature, the skin tends to stretch along (from tail to neck) less than across. All these nuances were taken into account by our professional masters of PR-studio with the correct layout of patterns on skins. Different patterns of sleeves or shelves on skins can be set only in certain places in a certain direction. With proper operation, craftsmen such as elbows and pockets on leather clothes will not stretch and bubble much when worn. Dear reader, such nuances of making leather clothes in mass production are not taken into account, so very often we see leather clothes that, when worn, become shapeless, baggy in the elbows, pockets and lower back. We hear complaints of gusts in the most visible places with a small load on the surface of the skin. All this is because mass manufacturers of leather clothes do not devote the necessary amount of time to creating high-quality leather clothes. In reality, the mass production of leather clothes cannot technically fully comply with all high-quality production technologies, which is a direct deception of customers. Buying such clothes has become a lottery, maybe you are lucky, or maybe not ...

http://www.sofalee.com/jackets-collection/no29leather-womens-jacket-luxury-beelaWomen's jacket "Bell" A combination of black leather, bronze, rare pink pearls and Swarovski crystals. We highly recommend clicking on the picture and looking at what and how in detail!)))
№12 Курточка яркая из кожи,замши"Аватар"
Stylish jacket made of genuine leather "Avatar" exclusive handmade online store quality assurance by fashion designer Sofalee  

№12 Курточка яркая из кожи,замши"Аватар"Exclusive leather jacket, female, fitted under the name "Black blood" - (black blood). sold out. Very interesting job. Energetically saturated, extremely sexy, endowing its owner with a halo of mystery.

№62"Kraym modus" modern ladies leather jacket
Exclusive jacket, female, elite, very expensive "Krym modus". Embroidery, pearls, Swarovski crystals, real exclusive.
sports style jacket for women genuine leather exclusive handmade online store quality assurance by fashion designer Sofalee  
Women's jacket with a detachable red collar, embroidered with agate

We would very much like to tell you the story of the appearance of leather products, their application and development. Many readers are probably curious to know why leather products are gaining popularity today. And so, the word “skin” came to us from ancient times, and it should be noted that it played an important role in the overall development of civilization. Since prehistoric times, humanity has used animal skins to satisfy its vital needs. Surprisingly, before a person learned how to make fabric, he was already a specialist in the manufacture of leather. Surprisingly, according to the findings of archaeologists, in Egypt, the remains of leather clothes were found that were made in the 13th century BC. All ancient peoples used leather for a variety of purposes. For example, the ancient Greeks used leather clothes in the days of Homer (approximately 1200 century BC). In the Middle Ages, leather clothing was an expensive asset of wealthy people. Over time, the technology associated with the manufacture of leather clothes has improved. Masters in the manufacture of leather have noticed that there are methods by which you can perfectly preserve the properties of the skin and soften it. For this, the skins were treated with alkaline solutions, acid, fat and tree bark. Over time, workshops and factories began to appear where the leather was processed, and then went on to manufacture a variety of products. Today, there are world-famous factories and factories for the production of leather.

№38 Suit of genuine leather"Pletenie"
    jacket for women genuine leather 
№28 Leather lux jacket womens"Melotron"
"Melotron" the name of this jacket!  by fashion designer Sofalee   jacket for women genuine leather exclusive handmade online store quality assurance
№42 "Sport" jacket leather womens
Making women's jackets from genuine leather in a sports direction is a very interesting and grateful activity.sports style jacket for women genuine leather exclusive handmade

№124А "Роза"-куртка кожаная женская
The suit is exclusive, female, from black suede genuine leather, skirt - "Rose".
№72Куртка из кожи питона"Apollo"
Women's elegant lightweight Apollo albino python skin jacket

№139 Куртка кожаная черная с расклешенными рукавами "Black night" by fashion designer Sofalee   jacket for women genuine leather black color exclusive handmade online store quality assurance fitted with laceКуртка кожаная 

http://www.sofalee.com/clothing-from-a-crocodile-python/no34womens-jacket-crocodile-sofyRefined feminine women's jacket, exclusive from crocodile leather and leather with print "Sofy"
from fashion designer Sofalee. Class Lux.
№30 Womens leather jacket lux "Pearl"
Women's jacket fitted from genuine leather and brocade leather "Pearls"! Brand Sofalee, studio "PR", Moscow. The best masters in working with genuine leather. Out of competition.
http://www.sofalee.com/leather-jackets/no6-kurtka-iz-kozi-esseUnique exclusive women's jacket made of leather "Esse" (being). The lining is natural, one hundred percent silk.

№62"Kraym modus" modern ladies leather jacket
"Kryme modus" women's exclusive jacket made of genuine leather.
Молодежная кожаная куртка с поясной сумкой
Genuine leather youth jacket with a waist bag.

№67 Bright leather jacket womens"Puazon"
Women's leather jacket natural black red "Poison".

Куртка женская из натуральной кожи. Модель.Sofalee.Москва.2012.
Women's jacket with a pattern on the skin in the Baroque style.
№41 Куртка-эксклюзив кожаная женская "Tit"
Women's jacket from genuine leather from the designer Sofalee 
№147 Костюм из замши черный с цветочной вышивкой "Odry"
Women's suit made of natural suede with embroidery "Odry".

№64 эксклюзивная куртка из кожи "X"
An exclusive jacket with volumetric seams in combination with dynamic applications and a small pattern on the skin gives the product a "liveliness" and sharpness.
Women's skirt suit made of genuine leather "Pary". Elegant and interesting, flowing lines, original cut.
№37Jacket of genuine leather "Оniks"
Women's exclusive Onyx jacket,
№16 "Маркиза" женский полушубок, норка-кожа
Luxury jacket made of mink fur and leather-print "Marquise" with headphones!

Exclusive jacket with detachable sleeves and mitts "Forgotten future" - (forgotten future) Adjustable lacing on the sides of the jacket.
               Inside the jacket is inscribed the prayer "Our Father." The product can be equipped with a clutch.
http://www.sofalee.com/leather-jackets/no8-kozanyj-zaket-sunStylish jacket leather female exclusive "Sun.")
№51 Болеро,корсет, сумка,наручи "Lyka"
Women's suit made of genuine leather "Lyka": bolero-vest with a natural red fox, a corsage under the chest, bracers with buckles, an exclusive bag, bracelets. Feminine product, attractive look.

http://www.sofalee.com/jackets-collection/no14-ekskluzivnaa-kurtka-iz-kozi-batoryThe Bathory jacket is made of genuine leather, female.
http://www.sofalee.com/leather-jackets/no43-womens-leather-jacet-corset-black-stych Women's leather suit exclusive. 

Jacket with a hood from a natural suede of black color "Moon"

№75 "Dudar" Эксклюзивный женский жакет с наручами
Leather, women's, exclusive jacket from natural raw materials "Dudar"!
№146 Роскошная кожаная женская куртка с короткими рукавами "Астерион"
designer Sofalee   jacket for women genuine leather black color exclusive handmade online store

Elegant leather suit in graphite leather. Women's leather suit with fringe, skirt-kilt.
Lightweight women's leather jacket with weaves, unlined perforations, with lacing on the sides
The jacket is embroidered with black leather appliqués, hand-painted. An exclusive jacket for an elegant girl.

Denim women's suit with a fur collar

Short leather women's jacket with a collar "collar"
The jacket is embroidered with voluminous elements, leather
 by fashion designer Sofalee   jacket for women genuine leather fantasy style, dynamic abstraction

Exclusive jacket made of genuine leather in graphite gray. Leather jacket with an abstract pattern

Reaper leather stylish jacket
Handmade jacket.
Women's leather jacket with buttons

Feminine business suit made of genuine leather with manual processing
Luxury women's leather jacket with a graphic pattern
Stylish women's pantsuit made of black leather in a sports "motorcycle-biker" style.

Stylish short women's jacket from leather with
volume embroideries - "embossing"
№36 Ladies leather jacket "Mo" by fashion designer Sofalee   jacket for women genuine leather  exclusive handmade quality assurance fitted
№33 women leather suit "Kovir"
Women's skirt suit made of genuine leather with a detachable collar made of blue fox "Kovir". In a single copy, the original solution, a symmetrical ornament, embroidery.

Women's jacket a combination of black and red
genuine leather with lace
Women's leather jacket in a "space" style
Jacket Hand made
Budget women's fitted jacket made of colored leather.

Handmade fashionable jacket from a fashion designer
Sofalee. Individual tailoring from leather and fur in Atelier "PR" of Moscow
Atelier womens jackets in Moscow
Exclusive Leather Online Store
women's jackets and cardigans.

Colorful elegant leather jacket for girls with embroidered abstract flowers, leather leaves.