№255 Luxury real leather suit "Lord": bolero, corset, beret, collar.

leather suit sofalee
Unique genuine leather women's suit "Lord" of bolero, corset, bag, beret, collar.
Not available. Size SM. 
Lovely women's suit with puff sleeves with detachable collar
Original design of a leather suit made of a short bolero with long sleeves and a slimming corset

The slimming corset with metal buckles and detachable shoulder straps.
Real leather bolero embroidered flowers, 3D elements

Medieval costume made of genuine leather
Leather perforated corset with shoulder straps 
Beret of genuine leather for women

Exclusive women's leather suit by designer Sofalee
Unique soft leather short jacket and corsage

Black women's corset of real leather
Exquisite weaving and pattern on a women's jacket.
Small genuine leather shoulder or belt bag.