Fur mittens from silver fox, genuine leather palms with a wrist strap.

Long pile faux fur lining.

Available. Size 7-7.5. Price RUB 5700 Art. 62A

Funny llama fur mittens. Mittens toys with embroidered faces. Lining is fleece. Available. Size 7"-7.5". Price Rub 4400           Art. 65A

Fur mittens from silver fox, genuine leather palms with a wrist strap.

Long pile faux fur lining.

Available. Size 7-7.5. Price RUB 5700  Art. 60A

The mittens made of orange llama fur. Palms are cat's paws. Lining is fleece.

Available. Size 7-7,5. Price Rub 3600        Art. 64A

Warm mittens of genuine silver fox fur and leather embroidered eyes. Long pile faux fur lining. 

Not available. Size 7-7.5" Art. 63A

Very warm silver fox mittens, genuine leather palm "Merry Friends"

Not available. Size 7-7.5. Art. 61A

Mittens from natural red fox fur, genuine leather palm with appliqués.

Sold out  Art. 59A

Mittens with muzzles made of natural fox fur and leather.

Long pile faux fur lining.

Llama and leather fur mittens "Your best friends"

Sold Art. 58A

Mittens Llama fur mittens and embroidered leather palms, wrist straps.

Fleece lining.

Gloves-Paws from ScanBrown mink and genuine leather. Palm made of soft quality leather, whole mink fur. Online shop of fur gifts

Sold Art. 44B

Very warm Mittens Leather mittens with a fur edge made of polar fox, embroidery, painting. Art lining. fur with long pile.

   Sold. Art. 54A

Mittens made of llama fur and genuine leather "Tracking Etti"

Not available

Funny llama fur mittens.

The best gift for the New Year!

Faux fur lining.

Fluffy warm "Paws" Mittens made of silver llama fur. Thick fleece lining.

Sold out

To order the Mittens, you need to: Correctly measure the size of your hand without the thumb using a soft meter. The length of the palm is measured from the lower edge of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. (The picture shows how to do it)

ScanBraun mink fur mittens with rose flowers.

The mittens are sold! Art. 27B Headphones entirely made of mink fur with a flower. Art. 28H

Fur accessory - dark brown mink mittens with pom-poms. Thick fleece lining.

Genuine leather made in Italy.

                 Size 7-7.5.

Sold. Art. 43B

Warm women's mittens made of silver fox fur with a buckle. Fleece lining.

Mittens are made of imported high-quality fur (Finland). Genuine leather is made in Italy.

Size 7-7.5. Sold. Art. 45V

Beautiful fur mittens "Paws" from ScanBlack mink and leather.

Size 7-7.5. Sold. Art. 46B

Luxurious mittens made of silver fox fur with a leather palm. Mittens are made of imported high quality fur (Finland). Genuine leather made in Italy.

       Size 7-7.5. Sold. Art.32V

     A great gift for the New Year! Fur mittens from silver fox,made from selected whole skins!

Mittens paws, fur, female. Mittens "Paws" genuine leather, fur of a wild red-cunning chanterelle.

 Sold out

Youth mittens-paws from the fur of a silver fox. Mittens made of imported high-quality fur (Finland)

The perfect gift for the New Year!

Fleece lining. Sold. Art.34V

Mittens made of black mink fur. Mink combined with an exquisite print on the leather.

       Sold. Art.35V

Mittens-Mittens "Winter patterns" handmade fur with embroidery, genuine leather and silver fox fur. Fleece lining. Leather palm! Size 7-7.5.

Sold. Art. 47B

Mittens made of Scanbrown mink and printed leather

Leather palm with an adjustable strap!

Fleece lining. Sold. Size 7-7.5.

Stylish ScanBlack black mink fur set: fur mittens and fur earmuffs with an original design. Completely black mink fur. The best gifts for the New Year, for your birthday.   Art. 37H

Paws-mittens from scanbraun mink fur (scanbraun).

Palm made of soft quality leather, whole mink fur. Fur gifts online store.

Sold. Art. 38B

Women's mittens made of llama fur and genuine leather

with adjustable leather buckle print.

  Sold Art. 42B

Llama fur mittens with leather palm. Mittens for communication without words.

Sold! Art. 55A

Warm mittens made of llama fur. Faux fur lining.

Fur mittens Arctic fox mittens, genuine leather palm.


Funny mittens with muzzles made of natural polar fox fur and leather. Fleece lining.

Very warm mittens with fringes, applique made of genuine snakeskin. Embroidered with shells, Czech beads.

Red chanterelle fur, natural leather. Faux fur lining

Sold. Art. 39B

ScanBlack mink mittens with leather palm. The best birthday present and just like that!

          Size 7-7.5 Art. 40V

Very warm mittens "Cat's Paws" from natural polar fox fur. Sold!

Fluffy fur mittens Arctic fox. Long pile faux fur lining.

Very warm leather mittens "Snow Maiden" with a silver fox edge. Embroidery on mittens with leather print, pearls, beads. Leather palm!

Sold. Art. 48V

Mittens made of Finnish silver fox fur, genuine leather palm. Thick fleece lining. Sold. Art. 49B

                      Luxurious handmade fur mittens.

Fur mittens will keep your hands warm and cozy, in spite of severe frosts, piercing winds, blizzards. Fur mittens are a Russian garment. It is in natural fur mittens that it is cozy and warm. Any fashionista knows that fur mittens are very relevant today. Many Western designers became interested in the Russian style only because they began to use mittens as an accessory to their fur products. One of the favorites of fur clothes for hands are fur mittens from silver fox (black-brown fox), mink fur, red fox fur (red, arctic), arctic fox fur, marten fur, astrakhan fur ... for a relative, friend, girlfriend will be mittens made of natural fur. It is worth remembering that mittens made from silver fox fur, mink fur are constantly in demand, and you need to hurry to have time to buy them for your loved ones and for yourself. In our PR studio and online store you can buy mittens from silver fox, mittens from mink fur, fur mittens, paws, mittens from polar fox fur ...

Women's fur hat with earflaps not only protects from inclement weather, but is an adornment due to its versatility. Durable materials - fur, wool, leather - are suitable for making winter hats. Such materials will protect you from the piercing autumn wind, frosty cold, as well as give you warmth, coziness and comfort. It is worth paying attention to the hats made of fox, silver fox, mink, arctic fox fur. They will not only warm you in cold weather, but also favorably emphasize your beauty and add elegance and attractiveness to your image.

 Attention! Fur skins are divided into two main categories - factory-made fur and hand-made fur. Handicraft fur is made by the hunters themselves at home using unknown methods. All hunters make them in different ways: with all kinds of chemicals, preparations, technologies that are not professional methods. The hunting time for all hunters is different (early winter, late winter, generally in spring or autumn), all this affects the quality of fur and flesh (skin)! Thus, there is no 97 percent quality on artisanal skins. This means that artisanal skins will not serve you as long as they should and will not look the way they should. However, when making products from handicraft skins (for example, mittens), you (as a non-specialist) will not be able to determine which category the fur belongs to. Because the flesh (leather is the main indicator of quality) is inside the product, it is not visible. Even the quality of the skins dressed at Russian factories catastrophically does not correspond to world standards. Because in the process of total economy, the animals are not fed and cared for accordingly! Contact any furrier-tailor for fur and they will confirm the veracity of the information we have posted. We draw your attention to the fact that we do not touch on the topic of comparing imported leather and domestic leather here. As well as the topic of the use of used leather (old raincoats, jackets) in the manufacture of mittens in central Russia, their causes and effects. You will probably agree that the professionalism of tailors, the appropriate equipment, accessories, threads are of great importance for the quality of products! Housewives at the Skillful Hands mug are not an alternative to real leather and fur craftsmen. As a result, buyers, through ignorance or inattention, or in pursuit of pseudo savings, throw their hard-earned money down the drain.

 Our silver fox products (for example, mittens) are made from imported Finnish fox! This means that the quality of the fur is the best in the world! The Finnish imported fox is extremely expensive fur, because the animals are fed and kept in a way that people do not live in Russia! The animals have a diet and variety of food, a variety of vitamins and additives, farmers monitor their psychological state (excluding stress), walks, they even listen to music there, they even get a massage! You go and see what any imported skins look like, they are as huge as elephants and the flesh (skin) is thick and soft! And what kind of leather masters we are, see our website And we will tell you what conclusion should be drawn when looking at our works ... We are seasoned, experienced, well-worn master virtuosos with vast experience that goes back decades.

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