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The exclusive bright women's leather jacket "Portal" Available. Size SM. $1400

Black Purple genuine leather costume "Mira": short jacket - bolero, corset, smal bag. Available. Size SM. $1000

Women's leather outfit "Shiva"consisting of a bolero jacket, corset, short shorts and suspenders, a mask and a respirator.  $1500 

A stylish women's jacket "CrazyVera II" with perforations, embroidery and three-dimensional details in the form of flowers and leaves.  $5000

"Dracula" genuine leather jacket for women gothic style, lace, claws.          Available. Size SM. $1300

"Cultum" unique genuine leather jacket, hood, apron, fringe, fur, python skin. Available.  $2400

Unique women's jacket "Progressive"of genuine leather cyberpunk style, black pink red color.  Available. $1400

Exclusive python skin leather jacket multicolored, bright "Dragonfly".     Not available.

Genuine tuskan lamb skin coat  with pockets. Available. Size SM. $1150

Luxury women's jacket "Nagi", made from genuine leather, with snake embroidery and a wide collar, and weave on the back of the jacket.   $1400

Exclusive bright leather jacket with "Alkonost" wings, embroidered apple tree and flowers, hand-painted.  $3100

Genuine sheepskin coat with embroidery, pockets "Kazak"                                                    Available. Size SM. $1100

Women's genuine leather jacket with attached pocket"Samurai" Not available. 

Luxury ladie's short jacket-bolero "Hidalgo" Available. Size SM. $740

The embroidered jacket of genuine leather "The white rabbit" Available. Size SM. $390

Ladies genuine leather jacket in a unique design "Embryos" with flared sleeves.                         $1500

Female jacket genuine leather python and sheepskin exclusive handmade intertwining plant style. $6666

Female jacket genuine leather crocodile and sheepskin exclusive handmade 


Incredible design of genuine leather women jacket "Chameleon". 

Available. Size S/M.  $950

Exclusive women's jacket "Bird" with a peplum and flared sleeves.

                  Not available.

An extraordinary leather jacket for women "Dragonfly"

Available. Size S/M   $2500

Beige-Red-Black women's genuine crocodile python lambskin leather jacket "Palomar-Leiden" 

Available. Size SM.  $3500

Gothic women's jacket gray black color by Sofalee

Awesome women's genuine leather jacket black-gray "Cherubim"

Available. Size SM.  $2450

Exclusive genuine leather jacket red black color

Fabulous leather jacket flared sleeves, baska.                     Not available.

Gorgeous women's cape jacket made of genuine leather "Kvitka", with wide sleeves, embroidery and skulls details.

Available. Size SM.  $1000 

Exclusive women's jacket of real leather with puff sleeves in black and purple colors "Signora".     Available. $1350

A unique women's jacket made from genuine suede with incredibly intricate leather embroidery "Crazyvera"

Available. Size SM.  $3500

The black-silver jacket of genuine leather, lace "Argenti anima"

Available. Size M.  $800

Exclusive floral Vest of genuine black leather with Choker.

Not available.

Genuine leather jacket for women "Acrucs II" $880

Women's genuine leather sleeveless vest and wide bracelets.

Available. Size SM.  $82

Creation - talented creativity is not a job. This is existence in a different dimension when the need for creativity is necessary like breathing. The creation of a real masterpiece cannot be limited by the logic of profit and the time frame for execution.

Exclusive ladies genuine leather jacket with red crystals "Romania"

                                  Not available. 

Women's jacket made of genuine leather with flowers "Flowers" Not available

Luxury women's jacket of genuine leather "Sevil"

Available. Size SM.  $1100

Luxurious women's leather jacket with three-dimensional colors exclusive handmade by fashion designer Sofalee  "Catarina"

 Not available.

Genuine leather jacket "SVE-24" with painted sleeves, detached harness.

Available. Size M.  $500

Making women's leather clothing or jackets is my hobby. The hobby is the keyword, it contains true love and an outlet. In a hobby, physical action merges with feelings into a single whole, it cannot and should not take second place in life. The hobby does not get boring, its best option is MANIA. The results of activities classified as hobbies are in most cases better than the fruits of ordinary work.

Red, Dark Purple, Black genuine leather jacket for women "BR-3737"

Available. Size SM.  $880

Unique women's genuine leather jacket  exclusive handmade by fashion designer Sofalee  "Verona" Not available

Women"s genuine leather red-black color "Cyberpunk-Orion"

Available. Size SM.  $1200 

"Cyber-77S" women's exclusive jacket with detachable collar. 

Not available. 

Luxury genuine leather jacket "Mirax-2021" by fashion designer Sofalee

Not available

Exquisite women's leather jacket "Black on Black"

Not available.

Clothing creates a feeling of well-being, an image, therefore, directly affects the quality of life, especially for women. How does a woman feel when she meets another woman dressed like her? What does a woman feel when she does not meet another woman dressed the same way but knows that there are a million copies of similar clothes in the world? Mass-produced clothing is always simple and cheap. Exclusive clothing, provided that it is beautiful like a spaceship takes a woman to another world.

Женская кожаная куртка цветная "Thoughts ladies -lieutenant colonel".

Not available.

Women's black genuine leather Bolero Corset with wide Bracelets.

Available. Size SM.  $700

Genuine leather jacket, detachable collar, 3/4 sleeves "Mizar-99"

Available. Size SM.  $790

A fitted female waistcoat made of genuine leather with perforations, three-dimensional flowers.

Available. Size M.  $1000

Genuine leather jacket for beautiful women- "Melania"! The jacket is made of genuine leather python crocodile and sheepskin! A fascinating theme of interwoven plants. Excellent workmanship, handmade, exclusive, very affordable price!

Available. Size SM.  $2100

Amazing women's real leather perforated jacket with flowers "Verona II"

Not available. 

Stylish leather women's jacket painting, appliqués "Doom" exclusive handmade!

Available. Size SM.  $754

Bolero, corset, a detached collar of real leather for women.

Not available.

Multi-colored women's jacket "Multiple bright orgasms" of genuine leather exclusive handmade by fashion designer Sofalee!

 Not available.

Women's leather jacket, natural with removable sleeves, "L'amore". Jacket with lacing on the sides. Handmade, exclusive. 

Available. Size S.  $ 450

Black leather jacket for women "US-2020" collarless.

Available. Size XS.  $666

Women's leather jacket natural, fitted, flared down, sleeves lanterns "Paloma".

Not available. 

"Nargiel" women's jacket made of genuine crocodile leather with natural python inserts. Exclusive, handmade, painting.

                  Available. Size SM.  $5000

Exquisite women's jacket "Tauretari" made of genuine crocodile, python, and sheepskin leather! Amazing, unique drawing of intertwining plants on the Celtic theme. Made in a single copy! 

                 Available. Size SM.  $4194

Women's leather jacket exclusive, the best quality "Z-US-7"

Not available

Fashionable, women's leather jacket of real crocodile, python, stingray, and sheepskin "Andromeda"! The jacket is exclusive, completely handmade, embroidery, painting, embossing!

  Not available 

Women's genuine leather jacket "Cersei", black-gray in color, with painted and embroidered details.

          Available. Size SM.  $999

Beautiful jacket made of genuine crocodile skin, python "Android" in a single copy.

Not available

A women's leather, shabby chic pantsuit with fringe and hand-painted details.                                    Not available

 Exclusive women's jacket made of genuine leather "Shining of the black moon"

Available. Size SM.  $1100

Exquisite women's jacket made of genuine leather python, crocodile, ramp, and sheepskin of high quality - "Altar"! 

                               Not available

Jacket for women made of genuine leather of Italian production.

  Not available. 

Women's jacket made of genuine leather "Clover"!

                                  Not available.

Women's leather jacket made of python crocodile "Astridot"! The desire to be a perfect and unique person is wonderful! Thinking in a new way, making your life new, wanting more than you have. You have to be bolder, brighter, more interesting. You need to have new feelings and give your happiness to people.

                                  Sold out

Women's jacket "Silver on Black" from 100% high-quality genuine leather! Exclusive, handmade, excellent workmanship! Women's jacket made of genuine leather. The perfect combination of silver, black leather, and black suede colors. Rich, elegant appearance. Refined taste, luxury. A very pleasant experience, the energy of excellence emanates from this jacket. A lot of manual labor, all the details are in place .                                       Sold out

Exquisite feminine perforated jacket made of genuine leather. The interlacing of plants. Exclusive product in a single copy. Volumetric flowers 3D from genuine leather, beadwork, use of leather print, hand embossing. "Lucem vitae"                      Sold out

Stylish youth short jacket made of crocodile skin, python, stingray with a mink collar "Toliman"

 Available. Size S.  $1200

Jacket made of genuine crocodile and python leather, imported! The women's jacket is called "Spika". The main theme is the interweaving of forms. The jacket uses print leather and sheepskin leather. High-quality workmanship, fitted jacket with excellent fit.

                 Available. Size SM. $1200

Youth, women's jacket made of genuine leather with a unique painting "Inbrunykach"

           Sold out

Exclusive women's jacket made of genuine crocodile, python, a suede leather with a pattern "Lux Corde" (Light of the Heart) Available! Size XS-S.      $1900

Women's genuine leather of a crocodile iguana python "Eola"                                 

                                 Not available

Exclusive jacket made of genuine crocodile and python skin "Queen" 

         Not available

Women's perforated bright-colored vest made of genuine leather. 

                   Not available

Fashionable, exclusive, black and white women's jacket "Sirius"! The jacket is made of genuine sheepskin leather. Unique, unrepeatable, dynamic style. New design solution!            

Size SM. Available.  $689

Suit: jacket with a hood and a skirt made of genuine leather "Aurica"! Unique design!  

                    Not available.

Exclusive leather jacket in black python-suede and sheepskin "Lucid dream"                       

                   Not available

Unique genuine leather women's suit "Lord" of bolero, corset, bag, beret, collar.

Not available. Size SM.

Women's real soft leather jacket with wide bracelets, detached collar and belt "89-S"

Not available.